If you love dogs and reading, then this book is for you. Rescued – The poodle’s story, is actually Rina’s memoir. Here’s what she says about her book.

I’m Rina, the poodle and this is my story. I’d had three homes in six years and wanted what every dog wants: a forever-family. This plays with your head, makes you feel rejected and unloved. Dropped off to Steve and Bayu this was my chance. Can I suppress my fears, my doubts and my distrust of people who make promises only to break them. Maybe it will be fourth time lucky. Come with me on our journey. I promise to hold nothing back. Let me share adventures, stories of love and hate, culinary experiences, travels, infidelity, drag queens, disasters and all our little secrets.

“I laughed so much, I cried. Steve Castley really shows sensitivity but with a very dry sense of humor. His stories are inspirational.” A diverse collection of amusing observations on Bali and the reinvention of Steve Castley; his love of Ubud and his friends shines through. You just can’t make this $#!T up! The 29 short stories are guaranteed to have you laughing out loud. He has great insights into another culture.

Steve Castley’s back with a new collection of quirky stories about Bali, it’s culture and people. Julie Silvester has added her poems to the mix to create this entertaining book. Read it and you’ll want to book a flight to this tropical paradise, where time stretches, smiles are abundant and magic is just another aspect of daily life. The stories are full of cultural misunderstandings, miscommunications through language confusion, snippets of expat and Indonesian lives, but always told with lots of humour. Grab this book and go on an adventure to the Island of the Gods.

COMING in 2021

Wait for it. The below titles will be released in 2021, if not before.

The Maiden Aunts – A rural Australian family saga spanning 75 years from 1940 to 2015.

How to Lose Millions and Get it Back – An Australian couple’s true story of fighting back against the Global Financial Crisis and winning.

No More Dogs – Our story of rescuing dogs in Bali after the death of Rina, our miniature poodle.