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We adopted Rina when she was 6 years old. She’d already had 3 sets of owners and we hoped we’d have her for the rest of her life. And we did. During the time she lived with us, the three of us were inseparable. She slept in our bed, went with us to work, came away with us on holidays, joined us on shopping adventures and also to restaurants. The only time we were separated was when Bayi and I went for holidays overseas. Rina was a beautiful dog and she enriched our lives with her quirky ways. In no time, I was recording our adventures in Rina’s voice. Over the 8 years we were together, her adventures came together as the book, “Rescued – The poodle’s story.” This book is really Rina’s memoir. I published this book on Kindle Amazon in June 2020 and it is available there as both an ebook and a paperback.

Rina loved trips away to the beach. She loved running free, meeting other dogs, and really enjoyed playing ‘chase the sandel’. Here’s a collection of her beach photos.

We loved our holidays away to Amed, Candi Dasa, Sideman and Legian. Rina always came with us, slept on our bed and came with us to restaurants and shows and even when we went to the cinema. Here’s a selection of her holiday snaps.

Dining out together was always fun. We had favourite restaurants in Ubud, but also delighted in exploring new ones. Bayu was always Rina’s food taster. He chewed up her food, removing hot spices and then passed on the pre-chewed food to her.

Like every dog, Rina loved her daily walks, wanting to be both seen and to enjoy exploring her world. Twice she was attacked by other dogs on these walks. These dog attacks appear as chapters in her book.

When you’re a miniature poodle, the monthly trip to the groomers is essential. Rina usually went to Bali Kennel for grooming. She loved returning home with her new hairdo.

Rina was always ready to go out in the car or on a trip shopping.

And like all dogs, Rina loved to rest and sleep.