Good habits have been formed – well, most of the time. I’m now fully vaccinated, am on the pension and have a clear bill of health. Over the past few weeks, I’ve visited Barry Staib on Bribie Island a couple of times and in between these six day visits, I’ve been home with Mum and Janet.

Flat walking on Bribie Island.

There are great flat walking tracks along the waterfront at Bribie Island. I was spoiled for choice and easily clocked up my hours walking every morning and evening. Best of all, there was always a sea view.

Is it putting lipstick on a pig?

I was surprised at the painted water towers on Bribie Island. They had sea and beach themes and were professionally painted. Did painting them make them more attractive, or was it just putting lipstick on the pig? Whether it is lipstick or not, I only know the murals improved the look of these huge concrete water towers.

And back on the Gold Coast.

Life drawing.

On Thursday15th July, I went to life drawing at Dust Temple. Forty people gathered in this art space and from 6:30pm to 9pm we sketched. The model, Sarah, was superb and held each pose without moving. She was a delight to sketch. And while we sketched a musician sang and played his guitar. The atmosphere was electric and it has inspired me to think of ways I can use my gallery space back in Bali once I get home. At the end of the night, we all displayed one of our sketches on the modelling platform and we got to check out everyone’s work. Photos of the sketches are below.

Off to the opera.

On Saturday, 17th July, Janet and I went to see the opera, Carmen at HOTA (Home of the Arts.) We were mesmerized for the entire performance. It was a treat, but not a cheap one. We had lunch at the HOTA café before the performance and of course had a drink or two. For the two of us, there was no change left out of $200.

Prices surprise me.

For twenty years I’ve been spoilt by Bali prices. Australian prices are a whole new story. Yesterday I paid $25 (pensioner discount rate) for a hair cut. In Bali, I’ve been paying $1.50. A coffee here is 2 to 3 times what I paid in Bali and a meal with a glass of wine will cost anywhere from $30 to $60 and I’m not talking about anything special. I miss Bali and the simple life I lived there. I will return in 2022

More news.

In the last week I have reregistered my Australian business, Castley Consulting and have put our feelers for consultancy work in the education and writing fields. I’m also in the process of reregistering as a teach and will then apply for some relief work. I’m confident that I’ll pick up some work and of course will need to have my pension adjusted or stopped, depending on the income this generates.

So that’s my news for now. I’ll blog again next week. Stay safe and well.

7 thoughts on “3.5 MONTHS DOWN AND A HEAP MORE TO GO.”

    1. Hi Sherry, Let’s talk soon. Yes, I miss Bali, but I am making the most of it here. It is also wonderful to catch up with family and friends. Miss all my friends in Bali. Hugs. Steve

  1. Bravo for making lemonade! I too miss Bali desperately. Give my best to Barry. Love and hugs, Ray

    1. Hi Ray, Yes, we all have to make the most of life in these difficult times. I’ve spoken to Barry this morning and passed on your regards. Stay safe and well. Steve

    1. Hi Ron and Avril, I intend to offer art lessons, life drawing sessions, long lunches with still life drawing and also Picasso and Plaga wine afternoons. It is time to revitalize my studio and get it back into use. This will happen from May, 2022. I look forward to both of you joining me in 2022 or 2023.
      Stay safe and well. Steve.

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