Doggy Daycare

Does anywhere offer Doggy daycare? It’s a business opportunity if you’re interested.

We don’t offer doggy day care. We really don’t? Who am I trying to convince? It’s not working. I can’t even convince myself. Bayu and Steve offer free doggie daycare.

Bayu owns Bayu’s Kitchen. Often the aroma of fish and chicken cooking on the BBQ attracts customers. Some years ago it had the same effect  on Lucky, a male Balinese dog who looks part wolf.  He lived in our neighbourhood, but decided that the picking were richer at our place and moved in. Every few days he visits his real owners, but the rest of the time he lives with us. He doesn’t require dog daycare because he’s a resident, but he likes friends.

Eighteen months ago Lucky’s howls and the appeal of a restaurant attracted Baba. She decided our place was a fun spot to play and receive additional meals. Yes, we broke the cardinal rule. We fed her and she returned. Lucky is about 10 years old so he doesn’t tolerate puppy play for long and he’d send Baba packing after a while. Daycare lasted only a couple of hours, every other day. Those were the days!


This all changed when Joe adopted us a couple of months ago. He’s only a year old and still a puppy. Like attracts like and daily Baba’s been back to play away the daylight hours with Joe. Lucky doesn’t mind so long as they keep their distance.

Baba has an owner, Isa but she works long hours. Isa opens her doors about six and Baba comes running to us and doggy daycare. Isa knows Baba’s routine and after work, stops at Bayu’s Kitchen, toots her horn and Baba runs to the motorbike and gets a lift home. If Isa is running late or away, Baba has a sleep over.


We didn’t plan any of this. Great thing in life often just happen and this is just one of them. Our house may not be as clean as it once was, and our mats are a lot more chewed, but our lives have been enriched by our canine family, even if they are just visitors.

So, are you ready to offer doggy daycare?

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