Here comes August. What are your goals?

Here comes August. What are your goals?

August is only days away, and the world is still a mess, but maybe it’s time for us all to engage in some personal recovery. I will set targets and goals I intend to achieve in August. This will start me on the road to recovery. Here’s what I’m planning to do.

Personal goals.

  1. I’m reclaiming walking my dogs. I had major cancer surgery in October last year and handed over the responsibility for walking the dogs to Bayu. He’s taken them walking every morning and I’ve stayed at home getting lazy and fat. Goal – I will walk my dogs every day.
  2. I will be more careful with what I eat. For the last five months, I’ve allowed myself to eat whatever I felt like. I was compensating for the restrictions on my life caused by Covid 19. Of course, I’ve put on weight. Goal – I will lose 4 kilograms in August.
  3. Red wine has become my best friend. I need to reduce my alcohol intake. Goal – I will only have 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks a day.

Work goals.

  1. I’m the manager of Private Ubud Villas. Since April our villas have been occupied by expats who have long-term rentals at cheap rates. In a few days, four of our villas will become vacant. Goal – I will advertise and find new long-term tenants for these villas.
  2. By December many of our villas will be ready to take tourists as Bali tourism slowly resumes. We need to be ready. Goal – I will work with staff to implement new Covid safe practices. I will advertise these on all the sites where we advertise our villas.

Writing goals.

Writing is my passion. I write every day and always have writing projects on the go. I do whatever it takes to achieve my writing goals. I sacrifice sleep or leisure activities to meet my writing targets. Here are my writing goals for August.

  • Edit “Losing Millions…” and query agents and publishers.
  • Write 4 chapters of “No More Dogs.”
  • Write a Blog a week.
  • Edit my books of short stories and relaunch them as a new book.
  • Query Publishers for “The Maiden Aunts.”

Marketing goals.

Rescued – The poodle’s story is available on Amazon as both an e-book and paperback. I self-published this book, so need to continue marketing it to bring in sales. Here are my marketing goals for August.

Fun goals.

To have a balanced life, we always need to ensure we have some fun. Today, having fun is guided by mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing. But even taking these into account, we can still have a bit of fun every day. Here are my fun goals.

  • Go away for a night with Bayu to Candi Dasa.
  • Try a new cheap restaurant once a week.
  • Finally read Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North.

I’ll do other things and modify some activities on this list, but I have a recovery plan for August and this is important to me. Covid 19 may dictate the care I need to take today, but I refuse to let it ruin my life.

How is your recovery plan going? What are your goals for August?

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6 thoughts on “Here comes August. What are your goals?”

  1. This is great motivation for charting the path ahead. Who says we can’t plan??? (I think I did?) The ‘new happy’ for me will now include a Plan For August! You are forever my inspiration ❤ Thanks for this motivational post.

  2. Inspiring! Steve. Yes planning is so important and I often forget to formalise my planning. We are focusing of travelling around WA as it’s the only place we can right now. So important to have something to look forward to. Niki, Skye, David and I did dry July and august is definitely a month of healthy eating and more exercise. We too are carrying extra kilos and need to loose them. Thanks for reminding me to formalise my goals. Keep healthy and have fun xx

  3. I have definitely made a plan for August. Having recently completed many medical diagnostic tests and procedures my goal is to dance everyday. Yep. Dance like nobody’s watching! I have a neurological condition caused by chemotherapy. It makes walking difficult. So……I dance. Painful, sure but a hell of a lot more fun than walking.

  4. Excellent, Steve. You’ve just inspired me to get cracking on my personal, professional and writing goals for August. Now I need an A3 sheet and a biro…Planning gives me focus, but sometimes I forget to do it.
    From Fi

  5. really helps to put it out there (and in BOLD print too)!!
    helps to be more accountable.
    Your transparency is an inspiration to me…and others.


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