I arrived in Australia from Bali on the 5th April, 2021. That was five months ago and the time has flown. I’ve caught up with family and friends and even visited with my wonderful friend, Barry Staib, a few times before he passed away.

I’ve had medical check ups, registered for the pension, lost 20kg through dieting and have been walking for up to 3 hours a day. I achieved heaps and am ready for a new adventure.

Badu Island, here I come.

On the 6th September, tomorrow, I head off to the Torres Strait. I’ll be teaching a class of Year 1 and 2 students for the next ten months. I can’t wait.

I lived and worked in the Torres Strait from 1983 to 1991 and again did consultancy work and mural painting from 2000 to 2003. Badu Island was one of the islands I visited, where I worked with children to paint murals. The photos below show both the island and one of the murals I worked on.

Getting ready.

I’ve spent the last month getting ready; buying clothes for work, filling in paperwork, chasing tickets and packing cases. My sister, Janet, helped me, every step of the way. Thank you! My Mum can’t be overlooked as well. She’s my rock and has regularly assured me I’ll manage the teaching gig and that it will be a wonderful adventure. Bayu, back in Bali, has also thrown his support behind my teaching gig. He and my team at Private Ubud Villas are performing brilliantly and I know the business is in great hands.

Life after cancer.

Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, had radical surgery, ended up with modified plumbing, underwent chemotherapy and survived. Two years later I am well, healthy and getting fitter by the day. Yes, I am ready for this new challenge.

My tickets arrived.

On Friday, my airline tickets finally arrived. On Monday, 6th September, at 6am, I fly from the Gold Coast to Cairns. At midday, I fly from Cairns to Bamaga, on Cape York Peninsula and then onto Horn Island. At Horn Island, I change planes again and fly the 20 minutes to Badu Island. I’m due to arrive there at 3:20pm. It’ll be a huge day of travel, 3 different planes and 5 hours in the air. What could possibly go wrong? The plumbing, of course, but maybe I’ll be lucky and have no leaks. Like a parent with a toddle, I have a tote bag with all the gear for running repairs. Life is an adventure.

I’ll post again after I get to Badu and settle in. Life just keeps getting better and better.

26 thoughts on “READY, SET, GO.”

  1. How exciting Steve! It will be like riding a bike once you get back on and in to the classroom again.
    All the best in your new adventure xx

  2. What an amazing thing to do, Steve! We look forward to hearing about your latest interesting adventure and want hear all about how you and the kids get along. Those lucky kids to have you in their lives and in their classroom. Hope it’s fun for all.

    1. Hi Mandy and Fred, Thanks for your find comments. I leave here for Badu Island in 20 minutes. Exciting. I’m ready to teach again and have some different fun. Of course I miss Bali, Bayu, Friends and my dogs, but I’ll be back there in another 10 months and that wonderful life will resume. Stay safe and well. Steve.

  3. Oh Wow Steve !!
    I’m so inspired by all that you have achieved
    You have walked everyday
    Taken off 20 kgs
    Reunited with family
    And now about to start a new career Chapter
    Just fantastic
    I will be waiting to hear how you enjoy your new role xxx

  4. Oh Steve…I suddenly have too much emotion. It’s spilling out through my eyes. You’re amazing, such a hati berani. I know the time will fly and you’ll be a much-loved teacher for those lucky little ones. Bali has a huge hole without you and it sounds like you won’t be able to fill it with your slimmed-down body when you return! I’ll be sending you no-leak energy for all those flights, but whatever happens, I know you’ll take it in stride. Much love and high-fives for your grand adventure.

  5. Dear Steve,

    You are simply amazing! Those Years 1 & 2 kids are very fortunate indeed to have your extensive experience and expansive storytelling capabilities to truly enhance and enrich their education & lives……. congratulations to you and yes, life is an adventure. You have always have had such a brilliant attitude!

    I do though so look forward to seeing you again at Private Ubud Villas. My Life No. 2 continues, now five months since I have had any pain, very surreal but I am now accepting this is the new norm. The good news is I am painting again after 24 years of not holding a brush. Also travel can once again include me and I cannot wait to return to my beloved Bali and Java.

    Keep extremely well Steve and may joy and happiness always be with you, a wonderful spirit in deed.

    1. Hi Greg, Pain free for 5 months!!! This is amazing. I’m delighted for you and glad you are able to paint and explore life. I look forward to catching up with you in Bali in the not too distant future. I hope. Hugs, Steve

  6. Stephen, I thought it was to commence in Term 4. How long are you on Badu for? Have you let Steve know you are coming in Tomorrow. Stephen, have a great time as I am sure the years 1and 2 will be receiving a great education, as they have been already.

    1. Hi Ian, Steve is meeting me at Horn Island today when I pass through. I start teaching next Monday, 13th Sept, for the last week of term 3 and then until the end of term 2 next year. It will be fun. Stay safe and well. Steve.

  7. Great to hear you’re going strong Steve. I have a sign in front of my desk which says “Adventure Before Dementia” and it looks as if you are living up to that. For me, in the age of Covid, the adventuring is all inside Western Australia and I have been touring a lot, especially in the North where I had not been before. But also adventuring a lot in my mind. Currently reading Brian Cox’s “The Human Universe” and pushing my brain to grabble with infinity and quantum physics. He’s coming to Perth next year and Bec and I have bought tickets to go and hear him. Another adventure to look forward to.
    Go well my friend.

    1. Hi Mike, Great to hear from you and glad you’re exploring your state. We do what we can to have adventures and fun.
      Stay safe and well. Steve

  8. So exciting! You really have achieved so much already in Australia and now you’re off for a huge new adventure. Enjoy every minute of it. We’re all so impressed by what you’re doing.

    1. Hi Kristi, Thanks for the kind words. In 1 hour, I depart for Badu Island and adventures. Life is full, but not always with the things I love doing, but life is about trade offs at the moment. Stay safe and well. Steve.

    1. Hi Ron and Avril, Thanks for the greeting. Badu is all I could have hoped for; a great class, catching up with old friends and tropical weather. Life is being very kind to me. I hope we catch up again in Bali in the not too distant future. Stay safe. Steve.

  9. Safe travels and enjoy your new adventure !
    Look forward to catching up back in Bali in the not too distant future.
    Adrian Churchill and Shanthini Naidoo

    1. Hi Adrian and Shanthini, Have fun celebrating Adrian’s birthday today. Life on Badu Island is fun and as well as having a great class, I am lapping up the tropical weather. I too look forward to catching up again in Bali in the not too distant future. Hugs. Steve

  10. By the time you read this you’ll be there and hopefully without any problems !!!
    I have had the same reconstruction as yourself and managed to fly from Perth to Bali and back without any mishaps so I’m sure you’ll be right Mate.
    All the best in your new adventure and stay well.
    Cheers , John Cook (and Leona )

    1. Hi John and Leona,
      I made it to Badu without incident, and am loving my adventures in tropical climates. My class of Grade 1 and 2 is great and everyone on the island is super friendly. It helps that I’ve worked here before and old friends are keen to catch up. I hope you are both well and that one day we will catch up again in Bali. Stay safe. Steve

  11. Yes! Welcome to the next chapter. Oh, the stories just waiting to be written. I can’t be happier for you. Miss you heaps. Love and hugs, Ray

  12. All the best Steve, although I believe you could teach blindfolded. The children and their families are lucky to have someone with your skillset and passion. Please let me know if you need anything sent up from Cairns. More than happy to put it in Sea Swift.
    Cheers and love xx

    1. Hi Amanda, Thanks for your kind words. Life and my class on Badu Island is perfect. It’s bloody expensive, but that is the only drawback. I am loving the tropics and am getting my head around all things educational being computerised. I’ll get there. I’m please it is the holidays and I have 2 weeks to flatten this learning curve. Stay safe and well. Steve

  13. What an adventure! We’re on West island in the Cocos. Keeling group and loving the very laid back life here

    1. Hi Teresa and Maurice, you do get around. I’ve been following your trips around WA on facebook. Keep enjoying life. Hugs. Steve

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