Bayu and I love our holidays.

We haven’t had too many of them over the past few years. Covid and work commitments curtailed fun adventure, but now that I’m back home in Bali to share the workload we’re making up for lost time.

Thailand was an easy choice for our first escape. We’ve been there many times over the years, love the food, markets, walking and adventures in the land of smiles, so we booked the holiday. On the 3rd June, 2023, we left our Ubud home at 3:30am for the Ngurah Rai Airport to catch our 7am flight to Bangkok. The cheapest flight always seem to depart at ridiculously early times.

Walk more, eat less.

This was to be our holiday theme. Somehow over the past couple of years I’ve got out of the habit of walking. I needed encouragement to reform the walking habit, so Bayu downloaded a step counter app to my phone. I entered my age, weight and this app determined I should do 6,000 steps a day for better health. Thailand offered me 14 days to reboot my walking habit. Opportunities to stretch my legs abounded at the Chatuchak weekend markets in Bangkok, the night markets and weekend markets in Chiang Mai, visits to art galleries, bookshops, palaces, temples and of course restaurants. We walked and walked and I exceeded my step target every day.

And the food.

We love Thai food and in the past, have taken many cooking classes while holidaying in Thailand. We didn’t bother this time and were more than satisfied to eat Thai food a couple of times a day. My favourite is Pad Thai and Bayu’s is glass noodle salad with seafood, but of course, we tried everything. Unsurprisingly, I returned to Bali a kilo heavier than when I left. So much for the eat less promise of my “Walk more, eat less,” plan. Never mind – I have the rest of the year to strip off some weight.

Cabaret drag shows.

Thailand is the home of great cabaret drag shows and we went to the 6ixcret show in Chiang Mai and Calypso in Bangkok. Both were professional extravaganzas and no doubt, we’ll go again on our next trip. These shows may not be for everyone, but we love them.

Massages everyday.

I was hooked on full body massages and used to have them at least once a week from the time I arrived in Bali is 1999. This practice changed in 2019, when my cancerous bladder was removed and I was replumbed with a stoma and urostomy bag. This surgery restored my health, but I no longer felt comfortable stripping to have full body massages. I missed the human touch and healing offered by massage, so decided to try seated foot, leg, head and shoulder massages in Thailand. Everyday we found a spa and I succumbed to the bliss of massage. This form of massage will once again be a part of my life back in Bali.

And the special highlights.

No trip to Chiang Mai is complete without a dinner cruise on the Ping river. We’ve done this every time we’ve stayed in Chiang Mai and this time was no exception. For 90 minutes we floated on the Ping river, eating great Thai food, enjoying the twinkle of night lights as we passed and chatting about the adventures of the day. Next time, I think we’ll do it twice instead of once. Why not?

The Old City Wall Inn in Chiang Mai was another highlight. Bayu found this place on Booking.com and at $30 Australian a night inclusive of breakfast, it seemed too good to be true. In the spirit of sharing the decision making for our holiday, I agreed to Bayu booking us into it for 8 days. Of course I had my doubts, but thought we could always move if it was no good.

We didn’t move. The room was perfect, clean, spacious, comfortable bed, workspace for our computers and a very adequate en-suite bathroom. Linen was changed as often as we requested and the breakfasts were generous.

We’ll stay here again next time we visit.

And then it was over.

On the 17th June, we flew home to Bali, recharged and ready to get on with the life we love. We’ve been home 4 days and haven’t discussed our next trip, so Thailand sated our travel needs for the moment. But, I know new adventures are not too far off. I wonder where we’ll visit next.

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7 thoughts on “WE ALL LOVE A HOLIDAY.”

  1. I just googled the Old City Wall Inn and will remember it for next time. I will let David know as he and Oan go up there quite regularly. Well done, Bayu. A great find.?

  2. Great read Steve. Love travel in any form and your adventure has taken me with you. Thanks for the journey ❤️❤️

  3. Great pics you both look so well taken note of the Old City Wall and the Ping River cruse really missing Bali trying hard to stop listening to the constant negative comments re the russian incomers but so good to hear from you best wishers Mollie

  4. Looks like it was just what you both needed Steve and Bayu . Glad all went well and great you have plans for the next adventure. Stay well and happy. Love and Best Wishes Marilyn and Mike XX

  5. Sounds like a great holiday. Good that you’re back to walking. I’ve got a pedometer app and use it every day. Seems to give some encouragement to do more steps.
    We’re in Ireland and hard to keep a handle on food/drink consumption so the walking especially with a few lifts does help. We’re going to plan our next year’s holiday with a couple of months in Bali so hope to catch up then. Take care xx

  6. Your well deserved holiday sounds perfect. Loved the photos. You both look well, rested and happy. Where and when is the next trip?

  7. Loved reading your ‘We All Need A Holiday’ blog Steve. The photos are fab too. The cabaret drag shows look like a lot of fun ;-). A well-deserved holiday for you and Bayu. Bernie x

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