What will I write in 2015?

I just read Allison Tait’s blog and was left wondering what I would write in 2015.

More accurately, I was left wondering what I would complete this year. I have lots of writing started and know that it is time to commit to completing final drafts. Here are my hopes and intentions for 2015.

Stuffy’s Story – 3 mums, 6 years. I started this Memoir on the 1st November, 2014 as part of the NaNoWriMo project. I intend to  complete it by my 60th birthday on the 12th April, 2015. This is doable and a promise I will keep.

Nothing is Forever. I began this book in November 2012. It is 80% completed and is really quite good. I will finish it by 31st July, 2015.

Island Addiction was started years ago. It is a collection of short stories about life in Bali and also Sri Lanka. I will complete this book  and publish it by November 2015. Of course this means I must have another holiday in Sri Lanka some time this year. I guess, someone’s got to do it.

And then there’s my blog. Rina and I will publish one blog a week. This will focus on our everyday life and also the writing process.

2015 is looking good. What will you be writing this year?

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