What will you do when Covid 19 finally goes away?

This is a question that I hear and ask every day. After 6 months of changed lives, restrictions, mask wearing, social distancing, constant hand washing and more, we’re all sick of it and ready for our lives to change in a more positive way.

I’ve spent much of the time writing books and articles, but I’ve also spent of each day running the Private Ubud Villas business. We’re not getting holiday bookings, but many of our villas are occupied long-term by expats, so there’s work to be done. All of our staff have retained their jobs, but wages vary from 50% up to 100% of pre-covid salaries. Without tips, life has become harder for my team. Many of them are the only wage earners in their family, so their life has have reduced to the basics and thrills are a thing of the past.


I had a staff meeting last week where we discussed future hopes and dreams. They all thought life would get back to normal when the borders opened in 2021. I had to correct this misconception. We all know it will be a long, slow recovery. My team understands this now, but they’re still smiling, hopeful and optimistic. Maybe I’ll be wrong and they’ll be right.

My team has spirit, and I want to share some of this with you. Below are some of their photos and their views on the current situation as well as their hopes for the future. Please read them and see how resilient they are.

Koming – Villa Timpal Timpal.  I have a large family and I’m the only one with a job. I’m very lucky. I want Covid 19 to finish so other people in my family can get a job again. 
Codi – Villa Cenik. Before Covid, I had a small warung, but I’ve had to close it now. I’m still lucky to have a job and salary.
Lopu –  I’m lucky I’m on 100% salary, but I’m the only person in my family with a job. Before Covid 19, I used to get tips, but I haven’t had any tips for 6 months now. I hope Steve can start giving us food packages, to help our families. 

Wayan- Villa Baliku and Villa Kembali – I was supposed to get married this year, but my girlfriend and I have put it off until the pandemic is over. All of my money is used to help my large family, and I have none left over for a wedding now. I’ve had people send me money, through Steve. Thank you. 

Kadek – Villa Bulan Mas – My wage is now 50% of what it was before, but I’m not complaining. At least I still have a job. I have a large family and am the only one with a job. My family does a lot of gardening now. I want Covid to finish and tourists to come back to Bali.

Ade – Villa Susanta – My story is the same as Wayan Baliku. I was due to get married too, but it has also been postponed. I want Corona 19 to go away soon. 

Made – Villa Sofia – I’m lucky. I still have full salary and people have sent me money too. Thank you for the donations. They have helped me and my family.

Coco – Villa Mangga – I have a large family and have 2 children. One of them has now started school. I still get my full salary and I’ve also had donations. Thank you to everyone who has sent me money. It has really helped. 

Yoga – Villa Mewali – I am lucky I still have a job and salary. No one else in my family compound has a job. It is hard for them, but they now plant more rice and vegetables so this helps. 

Gede – Villa Anggrek- I still have a job and get 50% salary. I’ve found some guests for villas and Steve gives me 10% commission from these bookings, so this helps too. When Covid is over, I hope tourists come back quickly. 

Saren – Villa Mimpi – I have a large family and am the only one still with a job. I get 100% salary and I’m lucky that a few people have sent me some money too. I still have guests in my villa. 

Upik – Villa Asri – Lucy is still in my villa and she will stay there until the pandemic is over. This is good. I still get my full salary, so I’m lucky. I have also had some friends send me money. Thank you.

Eddi – Villa Palm Kuning. I still get 100% salary and this is good. My family has a bungalow and it is rented to Rohan, the manager of Vespa. We are lucky to have it rented, because there are many empty villas and bungalows. 

Adi – Villa Damai. I was supposed to get married this year, but it has been cancelled because of Covid. I hope to get married next year. I still get a full salary and this helps my whole family. 

Wayan – Villa Indah – My dream is to have lots of money fall out of the sky. It won’t happen, but I like to dream. 

Wayan – Villa Romantica – I get 75% salary and this helps me and my family. I still have tenants in Villa Romantica and maybe they will stay until December. 

Wayan Endra – Villa Jepun – My wage went down because of Covid, but I am lucky. I still have a job. I was getting married this year, but we have put it off until Covid finishes. 

Indra – Villa Heliconia – My villa is empty now and I keep trying to get new tenants. I am the only one working in my family and I’m lucky to have a job. When covid is over, I want tourists to come back quickly. 

Wayan – Villa Exotica – I am on full salary and so very lucky. My wedding has been put off until Covid 19 is over. I have a couple living in Villa Exotica and they have a new baby.

I’m blessed to have such a great team. I wanted to share this so their optomism can inspire all of us. Thanks for reading this. I hope you have dreams for when Covid goes away.

I hope your dreams included visiting us again. We are waiting and will be ready.

3 thoughts on “What will you do when Covid 19 finally goes away?”

  1. I have stayed in quite a few of your villas over several years, have loved them all and have made friendships with some of the staff.
    I am so pleased to hear you are looking after everyone so well Steve,
    But my concern now is for those not directly under your employee, all those drivers, restaurant and shop owners, happy faces everywhere etc.
    Initially it was easy to help out with a bit of cash, but now we are looking at at least a year. A whole new plan is needed. Have heard that people are busy growing food etc, but what else can we do.

  2. Steve, I am going to forward your blog to every one I have come to your villas with and see if they would like to donate to the boys. Then I will send the total to you for them.

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