12 reasons why I write.

Here are my 12 reasons for writing.

  1. Writing is an addiction and so much healthier than my other addictions. I feel empty if I have not committed words to paper.
  2. Writing short stories allows me to relive my original adventures as I refine the plot. Mentally, I remember, discard the boring bits, add in a bit of spice that may have happened and finally I start writing.
  3. I love to craft a story and see how it evolves. Often the ending surprises me.
  4. Through writing, I explore myself and the current drama or problem that has infected my life. I write out my problems. It is much cheaper to write than to see a therapist.
  5. I experience success as I look at my latest writing and realise how my writing skills have improved over the years.
  6. I get to share a completed story with friends. Seeing their smiles, laughter and even grimaces gives me great joy.
  7. I belong to the Ubud Writers Group and I write some pieces to share with them. I value their written feedback and especially the time reviewing their comments and reworking my story. They force me to be a better writer.
  8. Writing makes me a keener reader. I used to read for enjoyment, but now I read to explore writing styles.
  9. Writing forces me use my brain and keep mentally alert. I need to research, plan, develop plots, invent characters, write drafts, edit and solve problems.
  10. Writing makes me a more observant person. I am always on the hunt for new material, listening to the way people talk and asking questions about people I meet. I collect so many gems this way. “Are you retired?” I asked Greg. “No, just tired,” he replied. This will definitely appear in a story.
  11. Developing authentic and interesting characters with realistic voices is a challenge and one that I love. As they come to life on the page, it is the closest I will ever come to giving birth.
  12. Writing makes me happy. As I write, I feel every emotion, but the over-riding one is internal happiness.

Why do you write?

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