Do you like poetry?

Do you like poetry?

I love poetry. It allows complex topics to be expressed succinctly and possibly mysteriously. (Who would believe that I could get 3 adverbs in one sentence?)

I wrote this poem a few years ago. My Muslim partner no longer lives with me, but fortunately he is still my best friend.


Do you love me; Yes or No?

Sometimes I think I’ll up and go,

The competition here’s too great.

Perhaps we’re finished, my dear mate.


Allah wins out over me,

Five times a day, he is your HE,

Caresses saved for your prayer mat,

Jealous? Yes I am of that.


Facebook and the world’s your friend,

All of them you do attend,

A comment you will type to me,

When here I am for you to see.


You watch TV, adore them all,

Beside you, I await a call.

Do you know I’m stewing here,

Praying you’ll caress me, dear.


Invisible have I become,

Or has my paranoia won,

Do you love me; Yes or NO?

Is it time for me to go?


And then you smile, and touch my face,

Whisper words made to embrace,

Look at me with eyes that shine,

So our lives we know entwine.


My doubts they fade and run away.

Sure to return another day,

But for now, you are my mate,

Eternally, I hope our fate.


I don’t love you any more.

I sure don’t love you any less.

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