Where do you find that ‘MUST HAVE’ book?

I bought a Kindle for digital books and we had a falling out within minutes. Nothing about it felt right. Call me old-fashioned possum, but I love the feel of a book in my hands and the touch of the page on my fingertips.

Now if that sound quirky, I take it a step further. I prefer used to new books. I really do. If I’m lucky the second hand book may have notes written in it by a previous owner. Perhaps it will have their name. These all value add for me, as they set my imagination cart-wheeling, thinking about the book’s past life with a different owner.

Living in Bali, I have many available sources for pre-loved books; Ganesha Book Shop, swapping with friends and raiding the bookshelves in the villas I manage, but sometimes I desire a book that in all likelihood, will never appear here without a little intervention.

So where do you buy that elusive second hand book?

The Book Depository provides me with the solution. When I want a book that I know is unlikely to appear in Bali I order it from the Book Depository. They have an extensive collection of used books at reasonable prices and best of all they offer FREE DELIVERY to anywhere in the world.

I’m patient and for the past year have been waiting for books about dogs and memoirs written in the dog’s voice to appear, but without success. Last week I placed an order for four of them with the Book Depository. They have been dispatched and within the next week will arrive.

If you are having trouble locating a ‘MUST HAVE’ book, you might try using them. I highly recommend them.

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