After 12 days in Bali it’s time for me to go back to Australia and work as a teacher at Badu Island.

Getting to Bali was an adventure.

To ensure I got to Bali, I flew with Singapore Airlines via Singapore. I left Badu Island at 8:30am on the 2nd April and flew to Cairns, Brisbane, Singapore and finally landed in Bali at midday on the 3rd April. All went smoothly, but I would not recommend this route. Thirty hours in planes and airports is a long time.
Immigration was a long but smooth experience. At the first queue my documents were checked. I had my covid certificate from Australia, a negative PCR test result, Insurance, a return ticket and a booking at a CHSE hotel. The CHSE hotel requirement was cancelled a week before, but they still asked to see the booking. I had the print out, even though I’d cancelled the booking. Documents checked, I was sent to the next queue to pay for a PCR test (about $30) and then to the testing area. Next it was onto the line to pay for the Visa on arrival ($50) and then to immigration to have my passport stamped. Bags collected, I went through immigration and was at last free to enjoy my 12 days here. Bayu was waiting, and Oni and Meisun, one of our dogs, waited near the car park. It was great to be home. 

Jam packed fun.

I’ve tried to squeeze in everything and have achieved it. I caught up with friends, inspected villas, scheduled work, organised villa bookings and let current long term guests know their departure dates. I met with staff, laughed with everyone and shed a tear or two when I lunched with an old friend who

Remember priorities.

Bayu and our dogs were high on my priority list. I came home to Bali to hug them and spend time with them and I did this. Every evening, Bayu and I would jump on his motorbike and find somewhere to eat.
Penestanan is looking good. Most cafes and restaurants are open, but a few have died during Covid. Pacha Mamma and Element are both still closed. Ubud is sadder, with about half of all businesses closed, but there are still enough open to satisfy tourists.

It was my birthday on the 12th April and we went to Jumbaran Bay to enjoy a seafood dinner on the beach. Before, we used to watch the planes landing and taking off, but for now the skies were empty except for stars.

Squeezed in a day trip and lunch at Locavore.

Some how I squeezed in a lunch at Locavore with a group of expat friends. It was magnificent as always.

With my friend Ann, I also went on a day trip to Symon’s Art Zoo on the north side of Bali. I’m currently writing a memoir about my early years in Bali and Symon and his painting style was one of many influences in my life. Ann is helping me to improve my writing, so I wanted her to see his studio at Alisara. We also had a delicious lunch at a café by the ocean.

And now it’s time to send this blog, finish packing and head to the airport. My flight to Singapore leaves at 2:30pm and I arrive in Brisbane at 10:30am tomorrow. So much travelling but certainly worth it. I’ll be back here in Bali again in another ten weeks. Until then, I’ll live on memories and phone calls home at least twice a day.

3 thoughts on “I’M HEADING TO THE AIRPORT.”

  1. It’s wonderful that you were able finally to get back to Bali. When you return in ten weeks, will that be a “permanent” move back home or another temporary visit? I hope to be able to experience Penestanan again soon! Take care.

  2. Hi Steve
    Good to hear your news….we are hoping to come up again next March and hope entry is easier than yours…..it will be four years since I was up. Love what you have done with Villa Damai. Looking forward to being there again.

    Cheers Ken

  3. Dear Steve,

    How good it was to know you have had time back in Bali and Penestannan in particular, with Bayu and your so loved dogs. A very Happy Birthday Steve for 12 April, I celebrated my 70th a few days afterwards on the 15th!

    Great to hear you are writing a memoir about your early years in Bali………I certainly recognise Symon’s influence in your art work.

    As always, our very best to you & Bayu and warmest wishes, Greg.

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