What will I do with my studio?

In my last blog, I talked about life drawing and how this had me thinking of ways to better use my Art Studio in Bali. Many of you contacted me with suggestions and told me how you and your friends would attend life drawing events, art lessons and sessions that allow for creative exploration.

My art studio in Bali.

From mid 2022, I expect to be offering Bali Creative Adventures out of my studio. There will be life drawing sessions, afternoons of painting in the style of famous Indonesian artists, and still life sketching while enjoying long table lunches.

Imagine eating grilled red snapper, with spicy stir-fried vegetables and rice, while you stare at a still life of fish. After the meal is finished and cleared away, a sketch pad is placed in front of you. Gazing at the still life you sketch or paint. Finally, after desert of crème caramels, the cheese platter with figs and rolls is displayed. Only after you sketch this still life are you allowed to eat the components.

These are my thoughts, so far. Watch this space for my inspiration and ideas. In the next few weeks I’ll attend a paint and sip afternoon or a Pinot and Picasso evening and will tell you all about it.

Wednesday is our day out.

The cleaner comes every Wednesday. Rather than be under-foot, Janet and I escape and have a short adventure. Last Wednesday, we drove up to Mt. Tamborine. Janet lived there almost two decades ago and I hadn’t been there since then. Winding our way up steep roads, we climbed for close to an hour before arriving at the main arty-crafty street. Tourists roamed the establishments, enjoying meals, buying handicrafts and snacking on fudge, ice-cream and other home-made delights.

After checking out all on offer, we lunched at Café Bravo, enjoying their beef sliders (mini hamburgers) and chips. Driving home we stopped to take in the magnificent vistas.

Mt Tamborine is definitely worth a day trip. I think a stay of a few days would be even better.

What’s going on in Bali?

Everyday I ring Bayu and other friends to find out the Bali news and to check on Private Ubud Villas. Statistics on Covid 19 infections and deaths climb, and the lock down continues, but on the positive side, vaccine rates are increasing. Most of the staff at PUVs have been double vaccinated, and I expect all to by vaccinated by the end of 2021.

One day, life will return to some sort of normal and we want to be ready. In the meantime, I dream and have adventures, hoping inspiration will poke me again. Life is good.


6 thoughts on “INSPIRATION POKES ME.”

  1. I really like the painting of the fish, especially the way you use colors. Keep it up!

    Also, think about illustrations for your books: from what I hear, publishers love that combination.

    1. Hi Mandy and Fred, You are always so positive and supportive. Thanks. I am looking forward to creating in my studio when I return to Bali. Hugs. Steve

  2. I would totally be in those art workshops if we can travel by mid 22! Love the idea!

    1. Hi Gabrielle, Thanks for your positive comments. Creating in these depressing times is a good cure. Creating at any time is a good idea. I want to use my studio and want it to be a fucus for fun and creation. Can’t wait, but have to. Hugs, Steve.

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks for your supportive comments. I have high hopes for my studio. It is past time to create and I look forward to it. Stay safe and well. Steve

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