Inspiration – Where’s it come from?

Now that I’m in home detention, I seem to have plenty of time for doing those jobs that have been put off for years, even decades. I’ve tidied cupboards and rehung walls with paintings and photos.

That was painless enough so I decided to sort through my digital photos, discarding those no longer needed and freeing up much needed computer and phone memory. It’s a mindless sort of task that allows the mind to wander and contemplate the wonders of the universe. Did the chicken or the egg come first? If Eve had only two sons, how did the rest of us come about? AND… Where does a writer’s inspiration come from?

Does a writer’s inspiration come from photos, lived experiences or their imagination?

This photo popped up on Facebook back in 2015. Its caption called for marriage equality in Australia. The moment I saw it, my imagination took over and their story stabbed at me, desperate to be told. The inspiration for this book started with the photo, but then my life’s experiences and imagination kicked in and added to it. “The Maiden Aunts” was written over the next year. I am currently editing and rewriting it and hope to submit it to agents in the next couple of months.

Rina’s photos were scattered all over the place and I gathered them together in one file. Of course I also created a back up.

Did the photos provide the inspiration for the book, “Abandoned, Rescued, Loved – A dogs story.”

This book started life as “Two Poofs and a Poodle.” It serialised the adventures Rina, our miniature poodle, Bayu and I lived in the eight years we were together. It seemed appropriate to have Rina narrate our story. The photos acted as prompts to my memory, reminding me of the quirky, sad and fun times. When memory failed me both the photos and Bayu provided the prompts to get me writing again.

COVID 19 and the resultant home isolation inspired me to do something with this manuscript. I submitted it to Publishizer, had it approved and the below campaign was born on the 5th April, 2020.

Click on this link to view the Publishizer campaign or to pre-purchase my book.

So where does my inspiration come from?

‘Everywhere’ seems to be the answer. As a writer, I grasp anything that inspires me to write and to keep on writing. This can be photos, life experiences, the antics of my dogs, my imagination, dreams and even being in lock down because of a pandemic.

Where does your inspiration come from? Why not share it with me. I would love to hear from you.

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