What’s the magic word?

My company manages 24 villas comprising Private Ubud Villas. At the end of each month I email the occupancy, income and expenditure spreadsheets to every owner. I did this a week ago and as always I received a heap of return emails filled with the words, thank you.
“Thank you to you and your team for all the great work.”
“Another great month. Thank you.”
“Thanks to all of you. Our bookings were great.”
I’m 61 years old and seeing “Thank you” always makes me glow with appreciation.

My last blog was titled, “On Growing Old”. It hit the right chord with many readers. I received comments like, “Wonderful. I agree entirely.” and “This is great Steve.” Thank you after thank you flowed in from friends and readers through social media. Again every thank you made me feel special.

“Thank you” – Mum called it the magic word even though it was two words, but I was too young to knit-pick. What ever she was passing would not be released from her hand until I’d said, “Thank you.” Grabbing didn’t work. “What’s the magic word,” she’d say, and I’d respond, “Thank you.” She trained me as if I was one of Skinner’s rats or a Pavlov dog. I’m so glad she did.

I’ve lived in Bali for 17 years now and I am sure the most used words in the Indonesian language are terima kasih. Yes, you guessed it; it means thank you. In this society of well mannered people and gentleness, everyone remembers to say terima kasih. I too say it dozens of times each day. My mum trained me well.

Thank you and terima kasih are my favourite words. What are yours?

And thank you for reading this blog.


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