Where has the year gone?

It’s ten weeks since my last blog and life has been busy. Returning to the classroom after a fifteen year absence had me working my butt off to ensure I gave each child a quality education. Nine weeks of planning, teaching, assessing and reporting kept me on my toes and more than once I said to myself, You’re too old for this. But I pushed this negativity aside, realising how lucky I was to have this opportunity at 66 years of age. Only two years and four months ago, I had a cancerous bladder and survived the operation, got rid of the cancer and was given a new chance at life. Teaching full time was proof I’d completely recovered. Because of the workload, my other routines slowed and eventually stopped. Daily walking, writing and dieting, to some extent, fell by the wayside, but I promised I’d resume these when the term was over.

The term finished on the 3rd December.

The last day of term told my body I could stop, rest and read, and that’s just what I did for the next week. I was a sloth, rebuilding my energy, but making regular contact with Bayu and my team in Bali. Hearing their voices and knowing how well they are coping is always a salve for my homesick heart. Revitalised, I flew to Cairns on the 10th December for a short holiday with my friend Helen and it was marvelous catching up with her after 2 years. We shopped, visited art galleries, admired the botanical gardens and dined out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but best of all we walked up to 20,000 steps a day and while we paced along we chatted filling in news from not just the past two years, but from a life time. Helen, Bayu and I have enjoyed holidays together in Bali, Sri Lanka and Java, so our time together is always comfortable, like a pair of favourite shoes. There is always time for do-you-remember moments.

I bought a set of scales in Cairns.

The photos above show why I bought scales. While I’ve lost about 20kg since returning to Australia, I want to lose another 20. I returned to Badu Island from Cairns on the 14th December with a resolve to get back to sensible eating, and I’ve done this. The walking has also resumed.

Now it’s time to write.

I’m staying at Badu, rather than heading south to Mum and Janet, with the express purpose of writing. I avoided this for 2 weeks, but not any longer. That’s why I’m sending out my blog. I’m aiming for a blog once a week from now on. There are other writing projects on the boil. I’ve a memoir drafted and I want to polish it this holiday. The memoir’s called, “Painting My Future”, and it’s about my first seven years in Bali. So far, I’ve rewritten the first chapter and after I send off this blog, I’ll rewrite chapter 2. I’m not going to bed until it’s finished. I can do this, even with the afternoon walk. I’ve also started a romance novel and may add another page or 2 to it. If I don’t set targets, I fear I’ll lose my holiday to the television.

My Mum had another birthday.

Mum on her birthday.

Two days ago, on the 18th December, Mum had her 96th birthday. She amazes me with her stamina, intelligence and talents. I feel very blessed that she keeps on going like the Ever Ready bunny.

So that’s a summary of the past ten week. My next blog, I promise, will include photos of Badu Island. It really is beautiful. Have a happy and safe festive season.

8 thoughts on “Where has the year gone?”

  1. Love it, Steve. I take my hat off to you, returning to a classroom! That’s the most exhausting job I’ve ever done in Education! Go well. Merry Christmas.

    1. Hi Anne, Merry Christmas to you too. I hope your festive season is wonderful and that 2022 grants all of your wishes. I hope Covid 19 has nearly run its course, but fear that it has a few more surprises to challenge us. Stay safe and well. Warmest regards, Steve

  2. Happy Holidays to you as well, Steve. And Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom. Fingers crossed, we’ll meet up again in Penestanan in the not-too-distant future.

    1. Hi Don, Happy holidays to you too. I sure hope we catch up again soon in Penestanan. I’m3 over Covid 19 in all its forms, but I fear it has other incarnations ready to challenge our world. Stay safe and well. Warmest regards, Steve.

  3. Great to hear from you Steve and know you are going well! All the best for a lovely Xmas and recuperative holiday. I also hope we can meet again in Bali xx

    1. Hi Gabrielle, I hope you are having a wonderful festive season and that 2022 is magnificent for you in every possible way. Teaching full time at my age is draining in the extreme, so I’ll be glad when it is over in mid 2022, but no complaints as it has proved to me that my recovery is complete and a future awaits me. I look forward to catching up with you in 2022, in Bali, I hops hugs. Steve

  4. Hi Steve, how wonderful that you have had this opportunity to make more amazing memories, your heart is in Bali and you know you will return . We are never too old for new experiences. I am 73 and still working in the medical field and loving it. Have a wonderful Christmas and keep writing. See you in Bali next year 🙏

    1. Hi Helen, Thanks for your positive comments. I do know how lucky I am, and look forward to when I eventually return to Bali, but in the meantime. Badu suits me like worn in shoes. Have a wonderful festive season, and I look forward to catching up with you in Bali in 2022. Hugs. Steve.

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