You keep writing and …

You keep writing and …

“Your dog is gorgeous. I’ve got a poodle at home too,” she says squatting down to Rina’s level to pat her. Rina, my white miniature poodle soaks it up, eyes glazing over as her neck is scratched.

“Rina’s twelve,” I say proudly.

“Mine’s a rescue, so I don’t know her age. Are you that writer?” Lea continues in her Tennessee drawl.

“Maybe. I’ve written a few books of short stories,” I reply.

“I’m sure it’s your photo on the front cover.”

“Yeah, that would be one of mine. Through My Eyes, or A Taste of Bali.”

“Yes, it’s A Taste of Bali with the red cover. The stories are  funny and they sound like they really happened. Did they?” she asks

“They’re true but maybe I’ve added a bit of spice here and there.”

We chat as she petted Rina, but finally it was time to get walking again.

“Can I take your photos before you leave?” she asks. “I don’t meet too many authors.”

I pick up Rina and nursing her, we strike a pose that I hope makes us look like writers. ( This is not an error, as Rina is posting her first blog next week.)

“See you,” I say as we part.

“You keep writing and I’ll keep reading – and laughing,” she adds.

Rina and I pace our way along winding narrow tracks and I replay my meeting with Lea, wondering if I’ve got a fan.

“You keep writing and I’ll keep reading,” she’d said. There is the challenge; to keep writing. I’m up to it.  But there is a second implied challenge in that statement. Lea is only one person and if I want to succeed as a writer, I need to build my readership. Regularly I keep promoting my work and myself through social media. Writing is so much more fun when it is appreciated by others.

Next week, Rina, my pet poodle will post here first blog. She hopes you will enjoy it.

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