Last week, I mentioned in my blog and social media that, all my test results proved I was now cancer free. I still need annual checks to confirm this remains the same. I was inundated with kind words and well wishes, from literally hundreds of friends. Thank you. You greetings made me feel very special.

Walking to good health.

I’m using my time in Australia to ensure I become truly healthy. I no longer smoke, I eat sensibly and have now lost 12kg and I walk from 1 to 3 hours a day. The Gold Coast is the retirement capital of Australia and so has many concreted, flat walks that are welcoming to all comers. After walking in Bali with its pot-holed paths, uneven steps and plentiful hazards, it is a joy to relax while walking and enjoy the scenery. Each week I explore a new walking circuit.

This week is was a walk along the southern side of Currumbin Creek. I walked from home around the lake, past the Pines Shopping Centre, over a pedestrian bridge across the creek and then joined the track that flanks the creek for a few kilometers. From home to the end of this walk and return was about 10k and took me a bit over 2 hours. I actually did it a couple of time, because I forgot my phone the first time and so had no photos. I had to do it the second time to snap some photos. That was no hardship with all the magnificent views.

Cooly Rock Festival.

There’s always something going on around the Gold Coast and last week was the Coolangatta Rock and Roll Festival. Flared skirts. rock an roll bands, dancing, Cadillacs, stalls and food vendors abounded and it was fun turning back the clock to the days of Elvis. The festival ran for 5 days and we dropped in a couple of times to enjoy this free event.

And we squeezed in a film.

Janet and I went to the cinema to watch Toni Collette in Dream Horse. We loved it. It’s an emotional rags to riches story. If you get a chance, try and see it. You won’t be disappointed.

3,000 words a day.

I work best when I set myself targets and make sure I hit them every day. I’m currently working on short stories, revising a memoir and also blogging and posting on social media. As I write each day, I record the words done and try not to stop until I reach my target.

INSPIRATION. I was walking by the lake when I spotted 4 elderly women from the nearby retirement village. They each had a small dog and were taking them for their evening walk. Immediately an idea for a short story jumped into my mind. I wondered if widows buy dogs that remind them of their husbands. After making introductions and explaining why I wanted a photo, I told them my story concept. One laughed, looked at her dog, just as it started humping one of the other dogs and declared it was nothing like her husband. I wondered. There’s lots there for me to craft a story around.

And back in Bali…

Private Ubud Villas continues to function in my absence. The 20 villa caretaker manage each of the villas. Bayu and Eko manage the office and accounts and our maintenance team of Kedeng, Hartono and Oni, ensure that all villas remain well maintained. I’m in contact with the team twice every day and continue handling trouble shooting, bookings and staff morale.

For ten months, we’ve been running a monthly food package program for our staff and their families. The money for this has nearly run out and I was looking at stopping it, but a friend suggested I put it out there and ask for donations to continue this program. So here I am asking. Covid has hit everyone and I realize many of you may be tapped out or that you are helping others. If you have some spare cash and wish to support this program, you can deposit cash to either of the accounts shown below. All money donated will be used for this program. Here are the bank details. If you donate, please message me so I can track the money and move it to Bali and the food program.


Australian account

Stephen J. Castley
Account Number: 1079018
Bank: Queensland Teachers Mutual Bank
BSB Number: 804 002.

Indonesian account.

Account Name – PT Dewa Krishna Seni.

Company address – Jalan Raya Penestanan, Penestanan, Ubud Bali.

Account Number US$:           8000.453.64340

Account Number RP: 8000.229.04400

Account Number Aus$           8000.454.07650

Bank: BANK CIMB NIAGA, Jalan Teuku Umar No 4-5, DENPASAR, BALI, 80113, INDONESIA

Swift code – BNIAIDJA

Here’s some photos of our guys with the food from the monthly food program.

Its been another fun week. I miss Bali, but am having fun in Australia, knowing the best is yet to come.

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2 thoughts on “BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.”

  1. Thanks again Steve for your weekly updates. I am so glad you are having fun in Australia and getting healthy. Gemma hasn’t smoked for 8 months and I have stopped my occasional ones as well! Feel better for it.
    I will send out another email to friends who have stayed in the villas to make another donation.

    1. Hi Gabrielle, Thanks for that. I miss smoking, but at the same time don’t as I feel so much healthier. I’m having 2 weeks away with friends, so will stray with eating and drinking a little, but not too much. I’m on a roll. I miss Bali and Bayu and dogs and friends, but life goes on. Love and hugs to you. Steve

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