Why did I come to Australia?

I arrived in Australia on the 5th April, and I had eight main goals.

  1. Register for and receive the age pension. DONE.
  2. Have health tests and ensure I am clear of cancer. DONE – ALL CLEAR.
  3. Get a suitable Covid 19 vaccine. I had my first Pfizer shot on Wednesday 9th June and have my second one on Wednesday 30th June.
  4. Catch up with family and friends. ONGOING.
  5. Get healthy. ONGOING.
  6. Have fun. ONGOING.
  7. Expand my writing profile. ONGOING.
  8. Go home to Bali. STALLED.

Getting healthy is taking time, but everyday I feel better and better.

  • I’ve now lost 11kg.
  • I’m still a non-smoker.
  • I walk for at least an hour every day. I explore new walks every week. Below is the new one for this week.

Tallebudgera Creek walk.

On Saturday evening, Janet and I took off to do a 5km walk beside the Tallebudgera Creek. The concrete walkway edges the caravan park, goes under the bridge, past the Neptune’s surf lifesaving club, through the sand dunes and out to the rock wall / groin at the mouth of the creek. Swimmers, sunbakers, walkers, people fishing, plus dogs and their owners were everywhere. Everyone was enjoying the last of the day. At the end of the walk is a dog beach where dogs can run free. This has become my new favourite walk, but every new track I discover is equally inviting. Where will I go next?

Having Fun – Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving Club.

Janet and I went for Sundown drinks on Sunday evening. I’d been a nipper at the Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving Club, 55 years ago. The club house is in the same location, but all looks new and nothing remains of the old. I was there for a red wine, not a sentimental journey, but I still took notes. This beach and club is one of the settings in a book I’m currently working on. Oh, the life of a writer – If only I was making money from writing, then everything could be a tax deduction. Maybe even the red wine. Maybe not. One day!!!

Writing – There’s always writing.

I’ve completed another short story to enter in The E. M. Fletcher Writing Competition. This is a family tree and genealogy writing competition.

I’ve edited the first 2 chapters of, Fu#k me! What next? That’s a start, but there’s heaps to go.

I’m casting around for some ghost writing work. See below.

I want to go back to Bali, but the Australian Government has different ideas.

To keep the age pension, I’m expected to reside in Australia for two years, but I know of exceptions, so I’m working on getting through the first year and seeing what happens next. I’ve completed most of my ‘to do’ list, so now I need to progress my writing career, make a bit more money to take home and also have fun.

Ghost Writing Gigs.

I specialise in writing memoir, short stories or a combination of both. Rescued - The poodle's story, is the last book I published. Last year I ghost wrote a memoir with an Australian couple. I've also written another memoir which will be published later this year. I can send samples of my latest work. 

Are you interested in recording your memoir?

Let me help you put your life story together. Here’s how it works. Email me at stevecastley124@gmail.com or whatsapp me on +6281337541445 and let’s talk through what you’re thinking. I can help you refine your writing project.

After this, we negotiate the first consultation. The first consultation will cost you $100. For this we do a phone / video chat. You tell me part of your story and one pivotal event in your life. You give me a few days to write up this story / chapter. I send it to you and you decide if you want to progress writing your memoir with my assistance.

If you decide to progress this project, we negotiate a timeline and payment schedule. I charge $30 an hour and I expect your 50,000 to 60,000 word memoir will take about 200 hours.

Think about it. I’d love to help you write your life story. If this idea doesn’t suit you, but you know of someone else who could be interested, please forward this blog.

So that was my week. I’ve completed 67 squares from the 365 squares on my Australian snakes and ladders board game. I haven’t slid down any snakes and am close to climbing a few ladders. The week’s been fun, but the best is yet to come. Stay tuned.

Life Drawing. Watch this space.

Life drawing is offered at Dust Temple Art space on the first and third Thursday of each month. Starting in July, I’ll be returning to life drawing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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4 thoughts on “Why did I come to Australia?”

  1. Dear Steve,

    What wonderful news on many fronts, you truly are a modern day Renaissance man. After immense personal challenges you blossom anew, always remembering those most important to you, so special.

    Just keep the great news flowering, Greg.

    1. Hi Greg, Thanks for your support as always. I hope your are remaining pain free and enjoying life. Hugs. Steve

  2. Great news all round except for the bit about not coming back to Bali for a while longer than you hoped. We miss you but it sounds like you’re making the best of your time in Australia. Be happy and well. 💙💚💙

    1. Hi Kristi, great to hear from you. Sherry told me you had eye surgery and are recovering. I trust this goes well. I’m still adjusting to being here and trying not to miss Bali, Bayu, my dogs and friends too much. This is easier said than done, but I’ll get there. I will rejoin the writers group at some stage, but this is still on hold as I try to get my full writing mojo back. But I have nothing to complain about. I have the pension and good health. Love and hugs. Steve

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