Diary of a dog rescue.

Have you ever considered adopting or fostering a dog?

7th May, 2018. We went to Sunset Vet to collect one of our dogs. It was six months since Temu had died and I was ready to consider another rescue, so long as it was a miniature. I mentioned this to Dr. Wulan, assuring her, I was in no rush.

8th May. I went shopping for the day and returned home at 3pm. Bayu was wanting on our lane, hand on hips and tapping his foot. “Where have you been? Our dog’s ready. They rang at 11am.” Ten minutes later we were at the vet inspecting a miserable little fellow. He weighed 2.5kg, was shaved and covered in sores, and had watery eyes. But his tail wagged.We were goners and of course wanted him. He’d been living on the street for months. Someone passed him onto Sunset Vet and soon he would be ours. He’d been someone’s favourite puppy and then cast out to become another street dog. How can people do this?

“What will we name him?” I asked Bayu.

He pondered this question and then said, “Meisun. Mei from the month of Mei (Indonesian spelling) and Sun from Sunset Vet. Meisun.”

And our eight year old rescue now had a name.

9th May. At 10:00  We were back at Sunset to collect Meisun. He’d had blood tests, and all was clear. He’d had all of his shots. Yes he had some vision loss, but apart from that, there were no major problems. By 11am we were home introducing him to our other dogs.

10th May to the 30th June. Meison was an eating and pooing machine. He ate all his food and then pushed in to another bowl and ate that food too. What goes in one end, must come out the other and it sure did, up to 10 times a day. By the end of June, he’d discovered that he did not have to stuff himself, ready for the lean times. There were no lean times. He got 2 meals a day and there was always dry food in bowls.

1st July to today. Meison has become a normal, loving dog. He eats twice a day, and stops when full. He pees in the garden and poos outside, once or twice a day. He loves his walks, sleeping in my office and playing with the other dogs.

I now have three rescued dogs. They compliment my life.

Have you considered adopting or fostering a dog? If you do, I assure you, you will receiver much more than you ever give. 

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