Writing a synopsis in 300 words.

Who would have thought writing a synopsis could be so hard?

I’ve struggled for weeks to write a 300 words synopsis of Two Poofs and a Poodle. A synopsis is a complete but succinct summary of the whole book. My challenge was to reduce 80,000 words into a 300 word summary that once read, compels the reader to pick up the manuscript.

Rina’s photos stared at me as I wrote the first draft. I printed the draft, took it to my writers group, read it and knew it was wrong. Two Poofs and a Poodle is Rina’s story, not mine, but I’d written the synopsis in my voice. So it was back to the computer to try again, but this time in Rina’s voice. Many drafts later, I think it is just about ready.

My latest draft follows. Please read it and tell me what you think.

Synopsis – Two Poofs and a Poodle.

My name is Rina. I’m a miniature poodle. I live in Bali and this is my story.

In December 2008, deserted by my third set of owners who claimed to love me, I found myself handed over to Steve, a fifty-year-old Australian, and Bayu, his much younger Indonesian partner.

That first night, as I lay between these over-fragranced gay men, I didn’t suspect a future of habitual bottom washing, teeth cleaning, and grooming sessions.  I was too busy enjoying Bayu’s caresses and Steve’s gift of chicken meat. Talk of buying a dog cage and whether they could keep me, was less comforting.

Waking to kisses, cuddles, Indonesian television and happy chatter, hope surfaced. Day after day we explored Bali on Bayu’s motorbike with my ears flying in the wind. We were inseparable and dined at restaurants, shopped at markets, celebrated birthdays, had weekends away and ran along beaches. My guys sneaked me into cinemas, took me to drag shows and we even stayed at a nudist resort. Steve looks better fully clothed. Every evening we took long walks and at night snuggled together, touching. We learnt about the Balinese culture, their Hindu religion and Bayu’s Islamic faith. I became their confidant, listening to their worries, dreams, fears and confessions.

Disasters interrupted the calm. I survived two vicious dog assaults, imprisonment at Bali Kennel, unexpected medical disasters, a panic attack, radical cleanliness regimes and dental surgery. I witnessed Steve and Bayu’s arguments, discovered secret lovers and dreaded the inevitable break up. Months of tears, silence and depression followed until my men found a path to forgiveness and reconciliation.

We shared eight amazing years. Together we discovered respect, devotion, friendship, aging, death and rebirth.

Two Poofs and a Poodle celebrates diversity, belonging, family and unconditional love.

What do you think? Would you reach for the manuscript after reading the synopsis?

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